We regret to announce that Precision Polling has been shut down.


Automated Phone Surveys

1. Design your survey on the web

2. Record your voice

3. Upload your phone list

4. Get results in real-time

What Is It?

This easy-to-use website lets you create and record phone surveys.

  • Dial Out

    You give us a list of phone numbers to call with your survey.
  • Call In

    We give you a phone number that people may call to take your survey.

What Is This Used For?

  • Non-Profits

    Non-profits use us to mobilize volunteers, collect member email addresses, and more.
  • Politics

    Campaigns and consultants use us for horserace polls, message testing, and more.
  • No Telemarketing or Political Ads

    We do not allow soliciting or political ads. See our Acceptable Use Policy.

Why Should I Use It?

Surprisingly powerful.
Mark Blumenthal, Pollster.com
Easy way to create and launch phone polls.
Washington Post