Automated Phone Surveys

1. Design your survey on the web

2. Record your voice

3. Upload your phone list

4. Get results in real-time

What Is It?

This easy-to-use website lets you create and record phone surveys.

  • Dial Out

    You give us a list of phone numbers to call with your survey.
  • Call In

    We give you a phone number that people may call to take your survey.

What Is This Used For?

  • Non-Profits

    Non-profits use us to mobilize volunteers, collect member email addresses, and more.
  • Politics

    Campaigns and consultants use us for horserace polls, message testing, and more.
  • No Telemarketing or Political Ads

    We do not allow soliciting or political ads. See our Acceptable Use Policy.

Why Should I Use It?

Surprisingly powerful.
Mark Blumenthal,
Easy way to create and launch phone polls.
Washington Post